Every destination that we travel is a new adventure. Here in this blog, you will find many places that I traveled to and at the forum page experiences that people share and discuss under the many topics. And if you are interested in pictures at the galleries page there are many images that I’ve taken during my trips.

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Since the beginning of Covid 19 traveling around the world had a big impact due to restrictions and policies. The deep impact of the virus almost stopped every individual from traveling. The economic impact of the virus affected almost everyone from huge companies to small businesses. The aviation industry financially declined and has lost billions of dollars. 

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So when are things going to be normal? Regarding experts by the beginning of 2022 things are going to be normal but how normal? Is it going to be like old days or new normals going to be with us forever still unknown? Every day tons of news flow that even conflict with each other. Absurd things that we hear became reality like a sci-fi movie.