Gezer Name


Each trip that takes us to a new destination brings us to ourselves closer. Experiences that we gain from those journeys change the way our perspective regarding life and it also enhances our horizon. Discovering new places and meeting with new people help us to understand our nature. From your home to hot deserts of Arabia, from there to Africa’s immensity of wildlife and culture, imagine that finding yourself at Mexico’s rural right on this place children are running towards to hope and the glance on their eyes, after that in Newyork walking among the reckless crowd, then in Palestine thinking of Istanbul, later on finding yourself to climbing the mountains in Asia, swimming at the oceans and finally witnessing the history through the streets of Europe makes you more curious about all the countries and cities that you are yet to visit. Here in this blog, you will find the experiences that I’ve face and I will try my best to post them here, restaurants, hotels, people, museums, etc.

Looking forward to share my experiences with you..

Rasim Seyyah

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