Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is fascinating city that has rich history and a promising future with a population of almost 11 million, which is located in South America and Capital of Colombian Republic. It became capital at 29th october in year 1971. The city is the third highest capital in the world due to its altitude of 2625 meters above sea level. When you travel to Bogota you may experience headache and difficulty in breathing at first due to the high altitude, which gives you a feeling of tiredness. Because of its proximity to the equator, the temperature hovers between 20 and 25 degrees throughout the year.

It’s a Spanish language spoken country like the most of the Latin American countries except Brazil. Colombia was Spanish colony. The currency is Colombian Peso. Time zone of Colombia is -5 gmt. Bogota is a centeral city where the country’s economic, political, industrial, cultural and sporting activities are managed. Bogota has attracted attention of many tourists, in recent years with its natural beauty and history, and the number of visitors coming here is increasing by each year. Although Bogota has an old bad reputation for safety matters, but with changes made in recent years, it is as safe as any European country. If you wandering around Bogota alone, it is useful to stay away from unfamiliar, desolated and dangerous areas because of your safety. Remember your safety is first.

Where to go:

  • La Candelaria region
  • Museo Oro de Bogota, The Gold Museum is one of the most visited place in Bogota, that hosting 55000 artifacts from ancient civilizations of Latin America.
  • Graffiti Street
  • Iglesia de San Francisco, (San Francisco Church)
  • Bolivar Square
  • Fernando Botero Museum
  • Polis Museum (Museo Policia Nacional Bogota)
  • Monserrate Monastery which was built by Spanish missionaries 16th century .
  • Salt Mine
  • The Artisan Markets
  • Abou Bakr Alsiddiq Mosque

Colombia’s demographic range consists of 60% native, 20% Spanish immigrants from colonial time , and the rest are other immigrants. Among these immigrants, there is a community which called El Turco whom immigrated from Lebanon during the Ottoman Empire time. There are many flights to El Dorado International airport from all over the world daily. So it’s up to you because there are tons of options avaible through internet to reach Bogota. Stay safe and explore the world.

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