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Dakar, Senegal

I woke up early in the morning of hot summer where I was going to travel. From the window of the bedroom I felt the warm breeze of air, seagulls were screaming wildly as always. I made my breakfast then said bye to the kids and my wife. The year was 2014 I was going to Senegal, Dakar. Then I went to the airport from there to Dakar it took around 6 hours flight. When the plane landed and we left the plane there was the fresh air again, I smelled the ocean that was freedom. I was tired so when I settled down at the hotel I slept.

The next day I woke up around 8 in the morning, I left the hotel and started walking towards the ocean. On the way I saw African-style street vendors, children were playing and people were running for morning sports. Then I reached the ocean side where there were fish restaurants next to each other from there I saw the small souvenir shops they were like art galleries with a lot of paintings and handy crafts were exhibited. At the end of this narrow street of shops, I was finally at the ocean side, ocean air was amazing and the cool breeze caressed my face and I took the scent of the ocean deep into my lungs, it was awesome. Here the locals were swimming, three or five young men were trying to catch fish with a fishing rod in their hands, and a little further down the white man was trying to surf. After watching the scenery for a while and chatting with a few local people, I left there on my way back to the hotel, I checked the souvenir shops resembling art galleries in this narrow street where I bought some small souvenirs and cupboard magnets for Senegal.

It was around 11 am and the weather was getting hot, as I felt the sunburn on my face. Opposite to the hotel, there were taxis, so first I bargained to go to downtown in this place there was this man around in his 55th with a white beard and white hat in his head he agreed with me about the price that I offered. Around 1 pm I arrived downtown. Up to 3 pm, I walk around the city to visit places like local markets and historical structures. At 3 pm I went to the port for the Gore Island ferry. From port to the Gore island we traveled about 45 minutes. Once I reached this cute and small island, on my right-hand side of the way I saw the freedom statue from there I kept walking then I saw the Slave House where Portuguese imperialist sailors smuggled local islanders from here to the west as slaves. As I climbed to peak there I saw the Memorial de Goree du Caste. From there I took a different path to reach the other side of the island. At the end of the island, I visited the Fort which was the museum. Finally, I caught the last ferry to downtown from there I took a taxi to the hotel.

Dakar is a city of differences. This city of contrast makes you experience two different worlds at the same time that sheep and cows wandering in the streets and on the other side luxury cars and business people with suits rushing for meetings. My experience with Dakar was amazing nice people good weather and delicious seafood what else you need in this world to be happy. So explore the colorful culture, amazing beaches, extraordinary wildlife, and the rich history of Dakar. Some small tips taking pictures is offensive without permission, pay attention where you take pictures you might face some issues with local security guys which I had. People speak French in Senegal and their currency is the West African CFA franc. Dakar is the Capital of Senegal. Regarding safety no problem but be aware of thieves.

Where to visit:

  • Freedom Statue
  • Local Bazars
  • Pink lake
  • Gore Island
  • Ngor Island
Public Transportation

Stay safe and keep discovering the world.

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