Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh, one of the greenest and rainy country that located in South Asia. The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka. Bangladesh has borders with India and Myanmar. Dhaka is one of the most populous cosmopolit in the world and it’s the most visited place for frequent travelers because of its rich historical back ground and different cultural chemistry. ”Bangladesh” means land of Bengalin and official language of Bangladesh is Bengali. The country’s currency is Bangladesh Taka. If you want to visit Bangladesh visa required to enter the country. There are daily flights from all over the world to Shah Jalal International Airport in Dhaka. So let’s start our Dhaka adventure.

During the Babur Empire time, the city was also known as Dacca and Cihangir Nagar. Pakistan and Bangladesh seperated from India in 1947 and in 1971 Bangladesh leaves Pakistan, when they established a separate state as Bangladesh. Dhaka is the center of political, cultural and economic life in Bangladesh.

In Dhaka, you can witness many stories and events where ancient traditions meet with the modern age. Dhaka is located by the Buriganga River that daily life sorrounded by this polluted river, be prepared to adapt to a new lifestyle in which nothing can be fast due to its chaotic traffic despite its fast lifestyle. Even though which is an inevitable fact for also frequent travelers where they will have once in a life time experiences and lasting memories, Dhaka awaits you with its stories ready to be discovered.

Rickshaw Drivers

For transportation mostly Rickshaws and Tuk Tuks are avaible. Having a system which is nosystem at all can be descibe as chaotic as its traffic. Due to lack of jobs in country the city has received huge immigration from the rural areas in recent years, and the population now reachs almost 9 million. Dhaka is also known as the city of mosques, biggest mosque of the city is Baitul Mukarrama Mosque. Dhaka is divided into 17 regions, among which 6 regions can be seen and visited.


Where to visit

  • Ahsan Manzil
  • Gulshan region
  • Old Dhaka
  • Dhaka Central
  • Banani region
  • Baridhara region
  • Uttara region
  • Lal Bag Fortress, built by Prince Azam son of Emperor Aruzeb during the Babur Empire time, it’s one of the must-see historical place when you visit Dhaka.
  • Baitul Mukarrama Mosque
  • Sadarghat Port
Lal Bag Fortress

Most of the Bangladeshi people are friendly they do stare at you beacuse of your appreance but don’t bother, they are very helpful. Bangladesh in terms of safety, safe as other world countries , except for its chaotic nature. Bangladesh thought and remind me again to be happy with limited possibilities and less options. I think real value of Bangladesh it’s people. Until then stay safe and explore the world.

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