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Mumbai known also as Bombai, it is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the one of the most crowded city of the India which is population around 18,5 million. It has a deep natural harbor from the west to the Konkan coast. It is known as the richest city in India. However, the city is on the UNESCO world heritage list. When you walk around Mumbai streets you feel like traveling through the deep pages of history. The mystical and natural environment of the city takes you to a different world, from the gateway of India to Elephant Caves, it is one of the cities in the world where you will never be bored. If you like spicy food exquisite Indian cuisine best place for you with it’s delicious dishes and variety of other options that are avaible. Also Mumbai film industry is famous in the world known as Bollywood cinema. People in Mumbai are very welcoming and friendly. Regarding to safety the city is like all cosmopolits in the world.

Haji Ali Dargah

Mumbai from its historical mosques to ancient temples and unique history, hosts countless cultural events. Mumbai one of the most beautiful city that you can visit
in India even in the world. It invites you to a fairytale adventure with its chaotic, crazy, fascinating and sometimes by its annoying style, but don’t worry where amazing stories waiting for you to be discovered at every corner.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

There are international flights to Mumbai international Chhatrapati Shivaji airport from all over the world where you can reach it easily. India requires visa for regular travelers. Making research regarding to India, before going there will help you understand better during your trip. The official language is English, but 121 different languages ​​and 19500 accents are spoken regionally. Currency is Indian rupee, comparing to other Indian cities Mumbai is much more expensive due to it’s population and life stadandarts. It will be beneficial for you to have some cash with you, as credit cards are not used everywhere. There are plenty of ATM’s that you can withdraw money whenever and wherever you want.

Colaba Causeway

If you are considering visit Mumbai, best time is from October to February the weather is less rainy and the temperature is bearable. The weather is very hot during March to May and monsoon rains from June to September. This part of the country has a tropical climate so bring with you mosquito repellents and take the necessary precautions. There are hundreds of options available in the internet for accommodation, it will be beneficial for your comfort to choose your accommodation considering the comments and evaluations. The southern part of the city is an ideal option for staying and touristic trips.

Places to visit in Mumbai:

  • Haji Ali Dargah
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
  • Dhobi Ghat which world biggest open air laundry
  • Gateway of India
  • Choor Bazaar
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Museum ( known as Prince Wales Museum previously)
  • Elephant Caves
  • Shahid Bhagat Singh Street ( Colaba Causeway)
  • National Modern Art Museum
  • Marine Drive
  • Jamaa Masjid
  • Mahim Dargah
tuk tuk, family, vehicle
Indian Family that travels with tuk tuk

Finally one more thing I would like to tell if you happen to be there, I suggest you to experience the small vehicles called Tuk Tuk, even for a short distance. Traffic is very loud where almost everyone frantically steps on the horns of their cars as if they are performing a tradition or a ritual. Stay safe and explore the world.

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