Mexico City

Around two years ago I had chance to visit Mexico City. For me it was different continent and new adventure. Life is always full of suprises you never know what to expect and where to go unless it’s time and its your destiny. I was here in Mexico City after the long flight.

With an ancient atmosphere differing from all crowded cities that I’ve visited, Mexico City invites you to a mysterious and distinctive adventure. Being an intersection point of ancient civilazations and stories, this geography makes you feel the Aztecs, pyramids built before them with unsolved mysteries, the colonial attitude of Spaniards disamberking in the continent towards the indigenous civilazations and what has happened throughout history.

One of the best anthropology museum in the world that you can visit here in Mexico City which is the National Museum of Anthropology. I recommend that you appear there early in the morning because whole visit can take up to four hours. Again , the world-reowned Frida Kahlo Museum is a must visit. The Mayor Temple and Metropolitan Cathedral in the city center will make you witness history and can be your insterest. Finally, the Fine Art Palace Museum within the same route worth to visit.

The city quite advanced in terms of tourism. At every point of the city, you can find the sightseeing buses by which you can conduct daily sightseeing tours. In case you enjoy mountain hiking, I recommend you take a tour from city to Iztaccihuatl mountain which is 90 km away from city and experience the amazing mood there. Across this mountain you will see still active volcano which is Popocatépetl Volcano. Finally if you happened to there, one place where you must absolutely visit is Teotihuacan pyramids.

I tried to share my experiences about Mexico City trip. I hope that you like the pictures that I’ve posted and article that I’ve written. Looking forward to see you again in our next adventures.

Rasim Seyyah

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