New Delhi, Inda

When I was going to this beatiful Asian country, always in my mind I was imagining the times of Delhi Sultanate (Babur Empire) and Ghaznavid Sultan Mahmoud. Old Delhi was founded in 1639 by Cihan Shah, later on, it was decided to move the capital from Agra to Delhi. From 10th century to 19th century where these Turkish states, continued their political existence in this region and they expanded their borders within Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh at their strongest and greatest time. Even today you can feel and witness their heritage as ethnically and culturally. India requires visa to visit counrty.

Tomb of Sultan Iltutmish in Qutup Minar, Old Delhi

One of the best destination that I always would like to travel is India. When first time you reach there you will find youself stepping at the pages of mysterious history infact you feel like time travel. India will fascinate you with its culture, people and geographics.

Gate of India, New Delhi

My first time being to India, New Delhi back in 2006, this huge cosmopolit city is like an open air museum. Wherever you go there are historic sides from Ghaznavid dynasty to Babur Empire and finally British Colonial time. Diversity of city takes you into the streets of New Delhi there you can visit Nizamuddin Awliya dargah, Red Fort, Jamaa Mosque, Lotus temple (actually there are a lot of temples that you can see while walking in the city), Humanyun’s and Safdarjung’s Tomb, India Gate there you can also visit parlement of India. If you want to see and understand the city life and people you must visit Janpath area there you can also buy some souvenirs.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi

If your visit happen to be at the time of Diwali festival there will be a lot of activities which you can participate and witness. Also there are variety of food types that you can taste and try if you like street food it’s a heaven for that but becareful where you eat because of hygiene. In India people are nice and friendly but there is a huge caste gap that you will see.

Red Fort

New Delhi is one of the rare unique place to visit and see in the world with its amazing places and genuine characteristic of Indian people that can always surprise you..

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