Huangpu River

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of the biggest city in the world and most visited destination in Asia for touristic and financial activities. It’s like Newyork in the fareast.

In the history, this city of dynasty known as fishing and commerical port through the time and contorolled by Japan, USA, UK and France. In time city gained its independence and during recent years with economic investments by Chinese Goverment it became one of the well known and most advanced world city.

As a city Shanghai gets high immigration from all over the country and world, this cosmopolitan by its multinational diversity has colorful culture and rich history.

My first trip to China was to Shanghai before the Beijing Olympics. My latest travels comparing to previous ones, I had chance to see the how fast country itself developed and changed, for that reason I respected the work done by Chinese. First time that I went to Shanghai it was regular Asian city like the rest but the city that I travel after about seven years it was much beyond the most of the European cities and American cities. It is a huge cosmopolitan by all means.

How to reach Shanghai

From Istanbul to Shanghai there are daily flights by Turkish Airlines and it takes around 10 hours to reach there. If you are looking another alternatives there are tons of app and webpages that can help you to arrange your trip. Because of time difference between your city and Shanghai, you might have some difficulty to adjust yourself to time.

Once you arrive to Shanghai there are many tourist attractions. It’s easy to travel by subway through out the city. If you planning to stay for short time you should see and visit those places such as Nanjing Road, Huang Pu river side, Yu Yuan garden finally for little shop you should go to Science and Technology Museum subway station for little souvenirs. Shanghai has many multicultural restaurants and activities that you will not get bored or feel strange. Nevertheless when using internet consider that you will have some difficulties and limitations by federal law. 

Where to visit:

  • Nanjing Road
  • Bund
  • Observation Deck
  • Yu Yuan Garden
  • People’s Square
  • The Former French Concession
  • Zhujiajiao Water Town
  • Jade Buddha Temple
  • Shanghai History Museum


Shanghai city is as safe as any other metropolis in the world. My recommendation if someone tries to sell something and invites you to some place please do not proceed just get rid of him or her politely. Trust your intuition and get out of the situation if you feel something is wrong.

Language and Currency:

Official languge is Chinese but they have Shanghainese dialect also Mandarin dialect is spoken. For communication by any language that you know is difficult unless you speak Chinese. Mostly people are nice, friendly and helpful. Chinese currency is Yuan. Shanghai is one of the most expensive city in the world.

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