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Travel tips

  • ‌Choose your destination and decide how many days you’re going to stay.
  • ‌Before you travel make research where to go and visit.
  • ‌Choose your accommodation at the downtown area according to your budget.
  • ‌Prepare your clothes and stuff considering the weather at the destination places.
  • ‌If you like to take pictures and make videos prepare your camera with less space to occupy, because less weight will provide you more movement.
  • ‌In case of cold, headache and stomachache consider some medicines to take with you.
  • ‌Choose your visiting places from near distance to far that will save your time.
  • ‌If there are some diseases at your destination such us malaria don’t forget to take necessary precautions.
  • ‌Making historical and cultural research before the trip will benefit you at your destination.
  • ‌Generally using public transportation at your destination is much more cheap and will save time instead of wasting at the traffic.
  • ‌Plan your route between your accommodation and arrival points.
  • ‌Using travel apps also will make your trip much easy such as mapsme and etc…
  • ‌For your safety don’t carry a lot of cash and valuable things with you.
  • ‌Using sightseeing buses will help you to recognize the city much better way.
  • ‌For communication having enough foreign language skill will simplify your journey.

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